Selling spare parts for the air compressor AK-150, Kiev

Listning ID 633578


The company offers to buy the following spare parts and components for the AK-150 air compressor:

AK150SV compressor AK150MKV
compressor AK150V
cap AK150V-009 nut AK150B-009
main connecting rod assembly AK150B-010SB
compressor head assembly AK150S-12
holder AK150B-013
compressor head assembly AK150S -14
3rd stage cylinder (AK150M, AK150) AK150N-15SB
1st stage cylinder (AK150M) assembled AK150N-17SB
1st stage cylinder (AK150S) assembled AK150S-18SB
cylinder head assembled with AK150C-19CБ valves
compression ring AK150-017 (46x1.5x2.0)
compression ring AK150-018 (40x1.5x1.75)
oil scraper ring AK150-019 (40x1.5x1.75)
compression ring AK150-020 (35x1.5x1.5)
compression ring AK150-021 (38x1.5x1.5)
oil scraper ring AK150-022 (38x1.5x1.5)
1st stage piston (AK150S / N) AK150V-22
piston 1st stage assembled with rings AK150V-23
piston pin AK150-27
piston 3 stage (AK150S, M) AK150N-31
piston 3 st. assembled AK150 (S / N, M) AK150N-32
3rd stage exhaust valve AK150B-33CБ
washer AK150B-033
1st stage cylinder (AK150S / N) AK150V-34
AK150-035 spring
3rd stage cylinder (AK150S / Н) AK150V-035
3-stage connecting rod assembly AK150H-035SB
piston pin assembly AK150N-36
AK150-036 spring
suction valve of the 2nd and 3rd stages AK150B-36Cb
2nd stage exhaust valve AK150B-38Cb
Eccentric with connecting rods (unit) AK150H-39
Eccentric with connecting rods (unit) cap. rem AK150N-39-R
2nd and 3rd stage suction valve AK150V-040
piston 1, 2 st. (AK150M) AK150N-40
piston 1, 2 st. assembled (AK150M) AK150N-41
lock washer AK150-041
nut AK150B-042
gasket AK150B-050
Eccentric with connecting rods (assembly) AK150C-52
Eccentric with connecting rods (assembly) cap. rem AK150C-52-R
gasket AK150B-053
valve AK150B-052
1st stage cylinder AK150N-055
gasket 0.3 mm AK150B-057
cap AK150N-059
suction valve 1st stage AK150B-60Cb
gasket AK150N-061
gasket 0.3 mm AK150-066
oil scraper ring AK150-071 (35x1.5x1.5)
oil scraper ring AK150N-082-1 ​​(46x1.5x2.0)
gasket 1.5mm AK150B-085
gasket 0.25 mm AK150-089
nut AK150V-089
gasket 0.25mm AK150 -091
washer 0.3mm AK150B-095
lock washer AK150B-099
1st stage piston (AK150S) AK150S-100
washer AK150B-103
gasket AK150B-104
rubber ring AK150B-105
lock washer AK150B-106
seat AK150V-110
spring AK150B-116
cylinder 3 stages AK150B-127
valve body AK150V-128
union AK150150V-130
fitting 131
O-ring AK150B-132 O-
ring AK150B-133
O-ring AK150V-134
valve body AK150V-135

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