Buy geoscrews in Kharkov
Buy geoscrews in Kharkov
Buy geoscrews in Kharkov
Buy geoscrews in Kharkov
Buy geoscrews in Kharkov
Buy geoscrews in Kharkov
Buy geoscrews in Kharkov
Buy geoscrews in Kharkov
Buy geoscrews in Kharkov
Buy geoscrews in Kharkov

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Geoscrew is a second-generation screw pile, which is a tube with specially configured blades. Thanks to this design, the geoscrew easily penetrates the ground by the screwing method. The head or flange of the geoscrew is the part of the pile that connects to the grillage.

Continuous spiral spiral design facilitates the installation and removal of the geoscrew, as well as installation in the most difficult ground conditions. The angle of inclination of the turns ensures quick and easy installation, and the total area of ​​the turns guarantees maximum load-bearing capacity.


The bearing area of ​​the bearing part is:

• 0.1194 m2 for FH 76 x p1050mm;

• 0.1753 m2 for FH 89 x p1500mm;

• 0.2132 m2 for FH 108 x p1700mm.

This ensures that heavy loads can be reliably taken up.


Forged construction of the cone:

• Eliminates the destruction of the tapered part under extreme conditions of installation;

• Allows you to carry out installation more accurately.

The pile foundation has many advantages over the classic foundation:

• speed of construction. The construction time for the pile-screw foundation is 1-3 days;

• construction of the foundation is possible on complex and unstable soils, including swampy, watered and clayey soils;

• long service life. With proper operation, the service life of the screw foundation is more than 100 years;

• installation of the foundation on screw piles does not change the natural landscape and does not have a negative impact on the environment;

• installation is possible in hard-to-reach places and even on slopes;

• installation of the foundation can be carried out at any time of the year and in any weather conditions;

• screw piles have a high bearing capacity;

• the possibility of expanding structures by installing additional piles for outbuildings;

• reuse of screw piles is possible;

• improved ventilation of the underground due to the open foundation;

• the screw foundation is ready to accept the design load immediately after construction;

• the foundation on piles does not require waterproofing and maintains the integrity of the soil and the root system of plants on the site.

A properly erected screw-pile foundation provides the building with a reliable foundation on any soil. Foundation design on screw piles is also included in our services. It is now easy to buy screw piles in Ukraine!


Our company offers design and installation services for pile foundations in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro ... throughout Ukraine


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